Body Luv Yoga is about living fully and completely in this moment, in this body. It's about finding love and acceptance within yourself. It's about finding that inner peace so that you can be your most radiant self. 



Why Yoga

Increases Flexibility *  Builds Stamina and Endurance * Stimulates Circulation * Eases Anxiety and Depression * Promotes Body Awareness *  Improves Posture * Boosts Immunity * Promotes Healthy Lifestyle * Improves Balance * Encourages Self Care * Teaches us Gratitude *  Increases Energy * Promotes Mindfulness * Helps with Insomnia *  Stress Reduction 

Self Care is Self Love 


Self care means taking the time to tune in to your body, mind and soul. It means giving yourself time and space to honor what is in your heart. Yoga can guide us on this path. By practicing yoga we listen to our body and to our heart... we find our way.  Using Yoga as part of your self care you will gain perspective that will allow you to live in your authentic truth. 



Yoga and Body Image


Yoga teaches us to just BE in our body. It allows us to love and accept our bodies. It is human nature to find our flaws and criticize ourselves. Yoga teaches us to accept where we are. Discovering our body on the mat is a powerful way to make peace and learn to love our body and ultimately ourselves. 



Yoga for those Chronically Ill 


There is this misconception that yoga is only for the fit and flexible. The truth is yoga is for EVERY BODY. It's for those of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. Those suffering from Chronic Illnesses can benefit greatly from a yoga practice. Yoga can help with stress, anxiety and depression which often accompany illnesses. Yoga teaches us to just BE and exist in our body. Utilizing functional movement patterns yoga can help you to improve your range of motion, strength  and endurance. Working together we will find a yoga practice that works for YOU!   



Discovering Yoga Off the Mat


Yoga is much more than a physical practice. It's a perspective and a way of life. The physical practice of yoga, the asanas, are but one limb of yoga. By incorporating all eight limbs of yoga it is possible to add meaning and purpose enriching your life. As humans we all want the same thing in life... to love and be loved. To be heard and to know that we matter in this world. Yoga can guide us to discover our authentic self and help us to live with passion, purpose and in service to those around us. 





"I am grateful for my breath and body. They allow me to live, to love and to follow my passions in life. I think we often take the simple things for granted and pausing to show gratitude can help us to be more present in this moment, in this body and in this breath."

- Angela