Body Luv Yoga was started by Angela Michelle. The mission of Body Luv Yoga is to help people of all ages, sizes and levels discover and enjoy the benefits of yoga. Yoga is for EVERY body!!!  Angela is a RYT yoga instructor that specializes in adaptive and therapeutic  techniques making yoga accessible for all. 



About Angela

I am a photographer, mentor, yoga instructor and body positive activist living with an autoimmune disease, Antiphosopholipid Syndrome (APS) and a Stroke survivor. I  reside in San Antonio, Texas and teach in a variety of settings. My goal is to help others love and accept their body for what it CAN do instead of what it can't.  My personal mission is to  help guide those with chronic illnesses and disabilities to live the best life they can. I found yoga in my early twenties and even though life took over I always found myself returning to the principles and practices of yoga during times of stress. At the age of 38 I suffered a stroke due to my autoimmune disorder; it was a wake up call for me to live life more mindfully and once again I turned to yoga as I used my practice to help heal from the emotional and physical trauma of my Stroke. In 2016 I decided to pursue my RYT 200 with the intention of helping guide others through the practice and finding their own peace on the mat. . As a body positive activist I encourage all students to love, accept, and celebrate their bodies through yoga. Using mindful movement, focused breathing and the principles of yoga I empower students through the yoga practice to find self love and peace both on and off the mat. 


The yoga therapy components of my teaching are based on my [non-YAR credential or other qualification], not derived from my status as an [RYT/E-RYT] with Yoga Alliance Registry